Introducing Codebuddy

Codebuddy revolutionizes coding by providing conversational interaction with your codebase, and FULL multi-file support - let GPT4-powered AI do the coding FOR you.

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What our users say

Was skeptic when it asked for a lot of access on GitHub. Created a new account and experienced it for the first time. It is fabulous! Thank you. Hope it is priced competitively so I can use it for hobby projects.
It was FANTASTIC! Absolute LIFESAVER!!! I was making a Roblox game with no scripting experience (well i do have a bit but not enough to make a full game) so i decided to use chatgpt to make the scripts. It worked for the most part but after a bit it started barely following my instructions. When I found out about codebuddy and tried it, it absolutely DESTROYED chatgpt and made awesome scripts. thank you so so much
gotta say though i am generally loving it, as a product manager, being able to prototype some basic ideas to a sort of proof of concept stage on my own is game changing and i think will change a lot for people like me who have lots of ideas, but none of the skills to actually write good code
i must say it's nice not having to pay someone 40 an hour for a full workweek when this replaces a medium knowledge dev lol [..] testing out how well it can build on stuff for a game environment, might just be able to finish my project without hiring someone (i do 3d and texturing stuff, hate coding)
Introduction Video
Demonstration of the browser version of Codebuddy

Effortless Sweeping Changes From UI To Database With One Prompt

Check out how we added an entirely new feature in our application after a short conversation with the AI without having to fully understand how it will be implemented. Unlike other AI tools, Codebuddy allows you to make changes to your application without writing a line of code, without necessarily knowing how to implement it, and without having to already be in the right spot in your codebase.

AI-Enhanced Multi-File Editing and Generation

Effortlessly direct the AI to edit multiple files at once, guided by a dynamic UI and optional voice input for streamlined interactions.

Conversational AI-Powered Code Editing and Review

Collaborate effortlessly with AI on code changes. Discuss and instruct the AI for automatic implementation across files. Use "Chat Only" mode for planning, then seamlessly transition to automatic coding. Review AI-suggested changes using DIFF view, and iteratively refine through continued discussions.

Full-Featured Mobile Experience

Codebuddy is not just limited to desktops. Experience a fully-featured development environment on your mobile device. Codebuddy's mobile interface is designed to provide the same functionality and ease of use as its desktop counterpart, allowing you to code on the go with ease.


We offer a variety of monthly subscription plans to suit your needs:

Free Trial
New Accounts
  • 300 credits
Basic Plan
  • 600 credits per month
  • Unused credits transfer to next month
Standard Plan
11% Better Value
  • 2,000 credits per month
  • Unused credits transfer to next month
Power Plan (Most Popular)
25% Better Value
  • 4,500 credits per month
  • Unused credits transfer to next month
Professional Plan
38% Better Value
  • 10,000 credits per month
  • Unused credits transfer to next month
Enterprise Plan
Custom Pricing

Custom installation on-site or in the cloud for added code privacy.

How do credits work? What are they for?

Credits are the currency used on Codebuddy to make requests to different AI models. Each time you ask Codebuddy to do something, it costs a certain number of credits depending on the model you're using for the main portion of the request.

The cost per request is as follows:

GPT4 10 credits/request
GPT4-Turbo 7 credits/request
GPT3.5 1 credit/request